Bed Bugs for Boston pest control


SWAT Pest Control Boston Lincolnshire treating a house for bed bugs they had a very bad infestation the owners had just been out and brought all new beds only 4 week ago to get rid of them but never realised Bed bugs can live on bed side cabinets behind wall paper and in carpets. the bed bugs in this property was even in the coving and behind the light switches and wall paper getting room to room so the new beds was soon infested and was really getting the owners down with endless sleepless nights with the thought of the bed bugs being in their bed. They called SWAT and we talked them through the procedure and explained what we would be doing to treat their problem then a SWAT technician treated the property the very next day and now two weeks later they customers are very happy and have their home back to themselves with no more sleepless nights and no more bites

FALSE WIDOW call SWAT Pest Control Boston


If you come across any of these false widow spiders the best thing to do is to leave it well alone and contact a professional pest control like SWAT . We have had deal more calls than ever about false widow spiders in Lincolnshire and Peterborough and this year was a busy year for spiders because the weather was perfect for them . If you have a pest problem call SWAT on 08006526526








Woodworm treatment in Boston


SWAT Pest Control Boston . This was a unbelievable woodworm job we had to remove the whole floor and treat all the joists the owner only spotted a bit of woodworm after removing carpets but as we lifted floorboards the underneath was absolutely full of woodworm and completely unsafe we even had to crawl through a small hole to check if it had spread in to other rooms .. This was missed by a survey only 5 years ago and most likely could on been prevented if treated back then .

If you have a woodworm problem call SWAT Pest Control