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SWAT Pest Control cleaning up Pigeon Guano (pigeon poop) in the roof of a band stand in Grimsby and clearing away all the pigeons to make it safe for work maintenance to place .

Pigeon guano is very acidic and can lead to corrosion of the surfaces it is present on and make a building unsafe, Also Pigeon Guano can be dangerous and even fatal when Moved so it’s important to use professionalsl like SWAT Pest Control to remove it with the correct safety equipment and the correct way of disposing of the hazardous wast .




S.W.A.T Pest Control operation ( woodworm) in woodhall spa


This is a wood boring beetle commonly known as Woodworm and this is the damage it can cause if not treated by a professional pest controller

Its amazing how many people think it’s a actual worms that creates woodworm and not realise it’s a beetle and its is its larvae that creates the holes and because it’s a beetle that means it airborne so if you find any evidence of woodworm you need to treat the whole area and not just what you can see as it could have been laying eggs anywhere in the property


S.W.A.T Pest Control Woodworm treatment specialists Peterborough


SWAT Pest Control woodworm treatment specialists

Busy time of year for the swat team with woodworm treatments with lots houses for sale or sold and the surveyors finding evidence of woodworm which can stop the sale of a house. And it’s also busy time of year for building work being done and when they expose the timbers they discover they have woodworm , but it’s not the end of the world. With  professional treatment by SWAT pest control it can be stopped in its tracks and we also provide a treatment report to prove its been professionally treated so a sale of the house can go through ,or just to put your mind at ease that the woodworm problem is gone and you can carry on with your building work