Woodworm treatment in Boston


SWAT Pest Control Boston . This was a unbelievable woodworm job we had to remove the whole floor and treat all the joists the owner only spotted a bit of woodworm after removing carpets but as we lifted floorboards the underneath was absolutely full of woodworm and completely unsafe we even had to crawl through a small hole to check if it had spread in to other rooms .. This was missed by a survey only 5 years ago and most likely could on been prevented if treated back then .

If you have a woodworm problem call SWAT Pest Control

S.W.A.T Pest Control Boston falconry bird control


SWAT pest control using working birds of prey to frighten away seagulls from a food manufacturers . They needed a way to stop there staff being bombarded by seagulls they had tried everything themselves even buying a machine that sounds like a bird of prey but nothing was working and also seagulls can’t be harmed so they needed a eco friendly solution and quickly so they contacted SWAT Pest Control and seen our wide range of birds of prey on the SWAT web site and now after a couple of days the site is seagull free and we are now working weekly to keep their site a seagull free zone